Transcarpathia War Project

Usually the main target of our projects with ASANTE for kids is Africa, but we cannot overlook the events happening around us.

A few weeks ago we wouldn’t have thought that our help will be needed so much closer to our home, in our neighboring country, Ukraine. There are Hungarian people, living in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine – close to the Hungarian border- for whom it is not easy to make a living even in peaceful times. The war makes life even harder for them. The supplies are not persistent, the shelves of the stores are often empty and the lack of food will soon cause serious problems in the area.

People from the inner parts of Ukraine are fleeing from the war, which means there are thousands of refugees arriving to the Transcarpathian region, for whom the locals are trying to provide food and shelter.

That is why we believe it is very important to support the people living in the Transcarpathian region and help them support the refugees as well. Currently what is mostly needed is non-perishable food. Therefore we’d like to provide regular food donations for the areas near the border. The donations are being distributed at sharing points by our local acquaintances.

Last week we managed to get a bus full of donations to Transcarpathia, to the district of Nagyszőlős. However to be able to provide regular help in the region, we need financial support, therefore we’d like to ask for your help!

  • Financial donations can be sent to the account of ASANTE Association:
    As an announcement please add: “Ukraine, Transcarpathia donation”

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MagNet Bank
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  • In case you’d like to help with food donations, please contact us