Houses built from plastic bottles in Maasai land

In the area of Oloolaimutia in Maasai land, waste management is an every day problem. There are no bins on the street, no garbage collection, no waste shipment at all. Since there’s no place to collect the trash, locals and tourists often just throw it away on the street. This – together with the fact […]

<strong>School under a tree</strong>

Somewhere between Narok and the Maasai Mara National Park, in the middle of nowhere, stands a school with a really special story: Ripoi Primary School. In 2015 our kenyan partners from Marafiki were traveling home from the Maasai Mara to Nairobi, when they noticed a group of children under a tree. Almost 60 children gathered […]

Current supply at Southern Cross Academy

As you could have read it in our latest posts, one of our main projects last year, was surprising a Kenyan school with tablets and a language learning application with the help of BTESZ, in order to help them improve their English skills. The kids really enjoy learning with the tablets, but the lack of […]

Transcarpathia War Project

Usually the main target of our projects with ASANTE for kids is Africa, but we cannot overlook the events happening around us. A few weeks ago we wouldn’t have thought that our help will be needed so much closer to our home, in our neighboring country, Ukraine. There are Hungarian people, living in the Transcarpathian […]

Learning Languages is the Key to the Future

For our next project we’ve set the goal to help Kenyan children learn English, since their language skills are the basis of their prosperity in the future. A stable command of English opens up many new opportunities for them and allows them to find jobs in better positions after finishing school. The BTESZ Association helped […]

Improving hygiene circumstances for girls

There’s a community home and boarding school in Nairobi for juvenile girls. Here they try to teach and educate them, but the circumstances are far from ideal. Therefore we’ve made a donation to the school and we’re working on finding a teacher who’d teach them to use the sewing machine bought from our financial support. […]

Dominik the Hero

Although at Asante we’re mostly focused on children in Kenya, it is important to us, that we stay open to other areas where our help is needed. Therefore from time to time we’re also trying to support kids in Hungary or in other countries.  Ábrahám Dominik was born in 2015. During his birth he became […]